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Lester or shall I say Luster by Tabersnack
Lester or shall I say Luster
I don't think I posted this yet but this is Lester ouo and I love the way it came out.

Lester (c) :icontabersnack:
Minerwarrior by Tabersnack
I still want minecraft...

Raysohn (c) :iconraysohn:
Art except for the pixel things (c) :icontabersnack:
Enderkat hood by Tabersnack
Enderkat hood
I made another one but with the Hood up

Art and Enderkat (c) :icontabersnack:
EnderKat by Tabersnack
So I have different versions of this picture but I'm going with this one cause it looks best to me ^^ 
Also I do hope in the future I get Minecraft cause I'll probably have an Enderman skin on plus my name might possibly be EnderKat but that all depends if it's taken or not. Oh well ouo 

Art and EnderKat (c) :icontabersnack:
did not make the blocks obviously XDD or any of the pixel lookin stuff cause it's a bitch to do pixels on Sai 


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People i know Irl:

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my most favorite Gif so far:…
so beautiful~…
so cute!!!!!!!!…
HHNNGG another OTP when are they gonna stop lKJDSNGFLASKFGN >u>…
how I am when watching anime's that have cute couples *cough* FairyTail *cough…
keeping this safe here cause it's cute…
when me and my little bro are sobbing over shippings…
me at school when I'm delusional…
what I do on facebook…
Danny ouo…
not even gonna…
Sometimes I cry so much that I cry even more

Update (read if you care, if not..whatever)

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 6:05 PM

this turned into a rant...sorry

FYI I'm going to not be posting things for awhile, because I've been in an artblock for awhile..


I know that I shouldn't write a journal when I'm upset. But I know that this is going to last for awhile now...

I started my senior year pretty good, but ever since I've been offline for a few days. Though this has made me uber grumpy and makes me feel like a horrible friend (also being offline takes me to a more opening side of me that I can't stand, and that's the part where I relive memories, mainly bad ones or I just plain right out miss people.) Though no matter if I'm online or not, I manage to be extremely unhappy and I just...I don't know, but I feel like I want to curl up and cry, or just be alone cause I've neglected so many people to the point where I just don't feel comfortable talking to anyone anymore. In which I become more...negative and socially inept (kinda) Though this feeling I have is like my lazy one, and it makes me want to give up on everything and just lay down for countless hours doing nothing...and just...ignore everything around me.

I probably would feel better if I watched something that usually makes me feel better, but I tend to not do that because i know I'm going to be back in the same situation as before want to give up everything. 

and tbh, I recently had gotten extremely emotionally distraught because of something happening, though like usual I put my feelings towards it aside cause i know a lot of the things are for the best, but I tend to be an idiot and feel the opposite of what should be right. So I've lost my Sanctuary from stress and now I've been lost without one and I am completely lost in what to do to relive my troubles. Talking to people about it never works (though thank you to people who have done that in the past) But...I...don't know...

:star:Awesome Art!:star:

Doll Com Couple on a Mission by LittleMissScarlet PC FIRE by LittleMissScarlet Tabbs by eternityspark SweetPurpleSugar by glamourzombiexxx

CSS by BubblySkies
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I love it XDD my friend sent me it randomly saying "you should look at this gif you would totally like it" and I was wondering what it was and it was that and i died in the inside XDD and immediately used it for my webcam :D it cracks me up everytime i see it
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I know the feeling lol
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