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Danny ouo…
not even gonna…
Sometimes I cry so much that I cry even more


YES I AM not back. I'm really sorry that I've been inactive and haven't posted any journals explaining my reasoning (though I kinda don't know if yall care or not cause a lot of you are friends who sometimes talk to me on skype when i am on -which isn't much now-)

though apologies aside. I just want to say that hopefully I'll be back soon and possibly will upload...maybe...With that my main idea is that I need to get a better computer cause this one has been a pain in the butt when it comes to extreme lagging/crashing/and also just not working with me at all. So I've been planing (for a long time now) to trade computers with my mom because she never uses hers anymore cause she got a smart phone XDD so we've been having difficulties trying to figure out when we would start moving computers and we have to move our data onto the other computer so it's kinda difficult since the stuff I need to move goes up to 7GB ^^; (yeah don't ask)

Though with that said there was other stuff that was also preventing me from art completely which was school, fighting off art-block, people irl, family, and independent study (which to me is not like normal school) Though I will be seeing someone I've missed so much on Saturday and I finished my independent study so things are starting to become more positive for me and also there was a competition I joined awhile back before I started getting art-block again, and with the results I've kinda opened my eyes and it made me wake up and think about how much I enjoy making things for people and or also enjoying the fact of understanding why I am considered an artist. (not to sound narcissistic/I hope I don't sound like that though D: ) but still it'll be hard later on to get back to my old routine with talking to my onifams cause I'll admit sometimes they do bring me down when one of them is sad, but I miss them all so much cause to me it's like living far away from home when i don't get to talk to them.

Anyways I've gone and planted a bunch of excuses and also made myself sound a bit narcissistic and used a stupid nickname (which I'm keeping) for my group of buds I haven't spoke to in awhile, which they probably will get mad at me for not going online for so long. Though I think they will understand. Anyduudes I'm going to try my best to get back.

Tabbs out!! :D

>3> also smooches to mah onifams, I'ma give yall big smooches and hugs once I talk to yall again <3 <sup wytiwyg="1">
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  • Drinking: *hugs water bottle*
Lester or shall I say Luster by Tabersnack
Lester or shall I say Luster
I don't think I posted this yet but this is Lester ouo and I love the way it came out.

Lester (c) :icontabersnack:
Minerwarrior by Tabersnack
I still want minecraft...

Raysohn (c) :iconraysohn:
Art except for the pixel things (c) :icontabersnack:
Enderkat hood by Tabersnack
Enderkat hood
I made another one but with the Hood up

Art and Enderkat (c) :icontabersnack:

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I love it XDD my friend sent me it randomly saying "you should look at this gif you would totally like it" and I was wondering what it was and it was that and i died in the inside XDD and immediately used it for my webcam :D it cracks me up everytime i see it
Twizzle-fizz Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hahahaha! omg XD I think I died too ;u; I been staring at it longer then I should have been XD
Tabersnack Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know the feeling lol
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