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I have a full thing on tumblr explaining it all…

but surely I'll copy and paste the info here for you guys ouo.


Alrighty!!! I’ve started my PAYPAL commissions!

so as most of you know i have been planning this for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG TIME!! I’ve done commissions before on DeviantArt but only with points. so…it was less nerve racking than this, this one makes me more nervous cause i’m dealing with money and not just points. 


Commission Info: 

These commissions will only be in chibi form for the meantime.

Sketch - $5

LineArt - $10

FlatColor - $15
(please do inform me which you would prefer on your picture, if you want it to be black lineart or colored, it won’t cost you any extra)

FullColor - $20
(this one will always be with colored lineart)

Additional Character - +$5
(tell me the relation between the characters or people)

Holiday Theme - +$10
(this will mostly be christmas because it’s mostly the outfits I’ll be changing, if you want something specific for the outfit do tell me through our private message)

Transparency - +$0
(just ask if you want it transparent or not, I’m not going to do extreme details, but mostly have the white outline for the characters to make them pop out. I may also do it for the sketches too since i tend to find it easy and fun.)


What I will not draw:

These will mostly be due to possibly that i can’t really draw said things or that i will be uploading the commissions here. but i might make an exception, though it will mostly be discussed through email or just PM.

 I do not know how to draw ponies that well, but in the future i’ll work on learning how to.

Fetishes - 
…I am still learning so sorry…

Detailed backgrounds - 
I forgot to mention that I just don’t do backgrounds. at least not how, I’ll make some cute little stars or hearts here and there.

Hate -
I will not do hate art. we all want to be positive and keep things happy quq


What I will Draw:

This is also a bunch of stuff that can be discussed

Official Characters -
Tell me their name, what series they’re from and anything extra i would need to know.

Fan Characters -
I’m fine with fan characters and if you want me to draw your fan character with an official character I’m fine with that too eue I support FC’s cause i honestly have had a bunch and still cherish mine.

Original Characters -
do i have to explain? XD it’s pretty simple though if it’s someone else’s character please ask first and show me that you’ve been given permission. though if it’s a gift that’ll be the exception ouo.

Mobian/Sonic/Anthro/Humans/Spacepeeps/ALL KINDS OF CHARAACTERS - 
I will do my best to draw what i can though ponies are still the one thing i fail at. when I’m able to successfully draw them I will had them to this list quq

you must be 18+ for this. I will mostly do suggestive stuff like if they’re wearing a certain outfit, though if it’s full out nsfw we can talk about what you would like and I’ll sketch out some ideas and see if i can manage to draw it. but other than that it will be uploaded to my NSFW account also do give me an example or what you would like said suggestive character wearing.


How do I commission you??


The way this will work is that you will send me an ask and tell me that you would like to commission me, I will then send you privately my email thus there we will discuss what you would like and how much it will be. Once that process is done I will send you a INVOICE which is this thing on paypal that kinda works as a bill. once that invoice is paid I will start on the commission. It might take me a few days to be able to finish the commissions but I will surely make a list of who wants a commission, how much it is, what their commission was and make sure to keep track of all of it.

As for the picture when it’s done, I will upload the picture tagging you on it though it will have a watermark on it, or I’ll put it off to the side or something. but please by all means, if you use the picture, please give me credit on it since I did make it. I would appreciate it, plus that would just be like you’re showing others and saying “hey look at this thing that Taberdoodle made!!” and that would be awesome quq 

like i said before, the NSFW ones will be uploaded onto my NSFW account which there will be a different watermark/signature on it.if you have any questions please do send an ask to me and I will answer it or add onto this if I’m missing any info or have a new rule. XDthank you!


Now here is where you guys come in from deviant art ouo
if you would like to commission me, send me a note and we'll talk about the commission and the prices. But I will need your email afterwards so i can send you the Invoice from paypal to you. 

I apologize that i have been extremely inactive but surely, if this works out and i actually get commissions, I'll surely start uploading here again and try to be more active. ouo I'm not doing much sonic art though, but if you do indeed commission me sonic stuff i will draw it. it's been awhile and i do miss it a lot <3

There are my examples of my chibi commissions. In which I'm only doing chibi's for the mean time.
So I do hope to come back and update everything once again. Also I'm going to clean out my DA a bit and Organize some things ;3 see ya soon~!

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